Dec 10, 2002


Wylie Taylor

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Wylie Taylor



Dec 14, 2002


My (our) dear friend and Microdata alumnus, Wylie Taylor, passed away a few hours ago, after a long and challenging illness.

I have stayed very close to Wylie and Shelby these past few weeks in particular and can verify that he was surrounded by family and love during the most difficult part of his battle. He is now at peace and in the hands of the Lord.

I will provide more details later (e.g. funeral arrangements, etc.). I suggest that no one call the house right now, for all of the obvious reasons.

Gary Liebl

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News from Dick Samstag

Dec 10, 2002


Ahoy Shipmates:

Well, I sailed through my last Non-Hodskins Lymphoma chemo treatment #6 on December 6th in great time, with clean air and smooth seas. I didn't know if I would make # 6 or not. It seems that with each treatment, my energy level never quite snaps back to the level it was before each new treatment. But it finally did two days before. Now I can almost see my Island of Remission ahead of me. I know when I arrive, the port doctors will anchor me in the outer harbor, in quarantine, awaiting the results of a bone marrow test and a CT scan before they will proclaim that I have finally arrived in good health and will allow me to set foot on my long sought-after Island, to end my 4-1/2 month journey. So, I'll be sitting here until December 18th, impatiently awaiting the results. What a great Christmas present that would make, right! I still have my 8 shots of white blood cell boosters to go through to help me through this last treatment, but with my great friend and loving wife Jennie wielding the needles, I'm in good hands.

Thanks again for all your loving support over the past many months. We really appreciated the prayers, roses, cards, thoughts, well wishes, etc., from all of you.

If I don't get back to all of you before the Great Birth Day, have a Merry Christmas.

Love to All*

Dick (& Jennie)

* Including, but not limited to... Sail Jennie, Tug Boat Ron, Compass Norm, Anchor France, and Barnacle Jim.............


Dec  6, 2002


I'd like to thank everyone who showed up at the Yard House Thursday evening for what I think was the 11th annual get-together. From my vantage point, everyone seemed to have a good time. We had about a half dozen past alumni show up who had never attended previously so I'd like to thank the "active" members who brought them along. I heard lots of excitement and compliments about the web site, so hats off to John Luttrell and check back frequently.

Final attendance was right around 175. If you look at the sponsor page, that will give you a pretty good idea who was there. Or, take a look at the Gallery once we get the pictures posted.

I should pay special tribute to those who came from far off to be there. This is from memory, so if I leave anyone out, let me know and you'll receive your due recognition as well.

Doreen & Carlos Lozano: San Jose 
John Lambert: Portland 
Max Malone: Las Vegas 
Ben Leathers: San Diego 
Rob Robinette: San Diego
Brian Stone: San Diego
Jim Hardiman: Sacramento
Jerry Walker: Rocklin, CA

For those of you who would like to be able to plan ahead for 2003, the date is Dec. 4 and we'll assume for the time being that the venue will remain the same.

Have a wonderful and wonder-filled holiday season and a safe and joyous new year.

Best regards,


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Dec 5, 2002