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Don Fuller, Microdata CEO (circa 1970)

Don Fuller

Greg Lawson, Sandy McDonnell, Paul Wiedenmann

Greg Lawson, Vern Hart, Paul Wiedenmann, Sandy McDonnell, Bernie Hathaway, Ron Johnson, Bob Purdy,
Bill Schrader, Pete Little

John McDonnell

Paul Wiedenmann

Ron Johnson

Sandy McDonnell

Otis Brinkley

Hank Kohlmann

Gary Liebl


Jerry Causley

ISG officers and directors meeting in San Jose. Vern Smith and
Jerry Causley in background. Bill Schrader at right in foreground.

Bill Schrader

Frank Reinhart

Vern Smith

Vern H. Hart, Microdata Corporation
Vice President, North American Field Service

Irvin Ella

Vern Hart, Bernie Hathaway, Gary Liebl

Gary Liebl, Bernie Hathaway and Greg Lawson waiting patiently for a meeting with Yuzo Nishihara of Test Engineering.

Tom Ells (right) telling perhaps a somewhat naughty joke judging by the expressions on Frank Reinhart and
Lucille Hunt's faces. Backs to the camera (speculation) Mike Coleman (back) and Alan Cornwell (near).

Novadyne Leaders - Bill Kersten, Bert Novak, Rich Heimann, Hans Kintsch, Larry Fox,