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Barbara Lee and Jack Bonne

Susan Greenwald and Jim Biernacki

Laura Robertson and Helen Carrol

Pat Dwight

Postcard circa 1988...
PREEMINENCE - Powerful, sleek, and amazingly efficient. That's the way the Series 18 computer from McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems Company has been described. With large disk, memory, and user capacities, the Series 18 is ideal for large scale organizations.

Another System Integration postcard...

"The Towers"

"The Towers"

(Back Row/Standing): Wes Bundy, Rebecca Hall, Hugh Sheean, Pat Martin, Kerry Dancer, John Seaman, unknown,
Mark Friedman, Jim Presley, Dan Dawson, Dave Solorzano, Pat Dwight
(Front/Seated): Nicki Mahnke, Donna St. Jean, unknown, Darlene Entimani, unknown

Novadyne magazine ad

Kathy Mobilia, Pat Dwight, Pam Vadeboncoeur

Jim Presley, Pat Dwight, Rich Heimann, Mark Friedman - September 13, 2005