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MDCSC Manufacturing - Angel Melendrez and Janice
Microdata - Redhill lobby - Main switchboard (operator unknown)

MDCSC Manufacturing - Angel Melendrez and Janice
Steve Speigel, John Shields, unknown, Sue Brunsman

Ed Metcalf, Kerry Dancer, and Sue Brunsman - Redhill Cafeteria


Don Johnson - Redhill Cafeteria

Redhill Manufacturing Unk, Len Borok, Jim Linn 1980

MDCSC Manufacturing - Angel Melendrez and Janice
Angel Melendrez and Janice Knight - Manufacturing

Valerie Mackey - Manufacturing

Barbara Bopf - Manufacturing - "The Line"

Front row: Grace Schuetze, senior assembly inspector-lead; Pat Brown, material expediter; Phyllis Capestro, material expediter; Cathy Noutary, senior assembler; Sue Ann Pearson, senior assembler; Betty Ramirez, senior assembler-lead; Pam Kolton, senior assembler; Hubert Hughes, senior systems technician; Helen Serrano, senior assembler; and Barbara Bopf, senior assembler-lead.
Back row: Elaine Pickreign, senior systems inspector; Trien Nguyen, senior systems technician; Rick Zaff, material expediter; Hong Duong, senior electronics technician; Clyde Martin, senior E/M assembler; SEQUEL #100; John Denney, technical associate; James Wilkins, technical associate; Carlos Romero, senior assembler; and Juanita Pena, senior assembler-lead.

Al Wilson, unknown, Carl Williams, unknown, Jan Wilmott, Mercy Perez, Don Fuller, Margot Chase, Bill Helpard, Jerry Lack, John Halenthal.
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Here's a classic. Peaches Dance & Pat Snodgrass wiring up REALITY system #1000 circa 1978!

REALITY system #1000 - Dick Samstag, Chuck Nicosia & Mark Stevenson circa 1978

Steve Moore and Dick Samstag putting Reality #1000 through its paces.

Dick Samstag pushing Reality 1000 to the Shipping Dock

This was a tour of the Red Hill facility conducted for the Microdata Users group (MICRU) that was meeting in Orange
County during March 1980. Sam Vernola gives a Reflex II disc drive update as Dick Samstag and MICRU members look on.

Here's Matt Tyson from the Power Supply area in Red Hill giving his all...

Here's a great picture from the Systems Test floor in Red Hill. That's Rick Bullard and Thomas Tran.

This is Lloyd Robinson who worked in the Reflex test & assembly area in Red Hill.

A tour of the Reflex area at Red Hill - Sanford (Sandy) McDonnell and Greg Lawson with Bernie Hathaway

Planar PCB manufacturing - L-R: Linda Goetz, Carmen Byrne, Stephanie Beckett, Penny Chosy

John Martin

Jean Logston conducting a tour of "The Line" during the 2-26-83 open house.

Victor Rasco and Theresa Espinoza in cleanroom attire

Manny Mercado - System Test area

Barbara Bopf and Rosa Rios in the Cable Assembly area

Greg Lawson and Bette Boelter

Rick Zaff - "Expeditor Extraordinaire" at Red Hill

Back (L-R) Fred Glover, Efren Verduzco, Paul Heckman, Kevin Foley
Front: Darryl Denkins, Tim Kalar, Tracy Mason

Andy Clark

Tom Buxton, manager of the Planar facility (Manufacturing)

Manufacturing Quality Circle: (L-R): Daniel Esparza, Mike Hibert, unknown, Renny Rafael, Dick Samstag, Bob Elkins

Martha Dinkins, Cressy Mattocks, and Ann McAfee

Gary Myers, Bob Martin and Russ Shupe

Red Hill/Manufacturing.
Back row, L-R: Danny Esparza, Carl Josephson, Dan Jones, Hector Sierra, Jeff Oldham, Mike Weller & Luis Nguyen.
Front, L-R: Carlos Romero and Dennis Graham

Manufacturing Test department.
Rear (L-R): unk, Fred Thomas, Chris Hart, Thuyen Bui, Jim Wilkins, unk, Randy Alaimo, Pat Mendoza, Gary Moote,
Mike Newkirk, Drago Basich
Front: Dorothy, Mary, Jerry Lack, Amy Tischer, Leicha Rivera

Manufacturing - Bob Greffley and Mike Newkirk

Scott McKee - Test Engineering

Cyndy Spencer-Hambly - Test Engineering

Wayne Wiersma, Mike Barber (standing) and George Bingaman - Test Engineering

George Wai - Manufacturing Test Engineering

Angel Melendrez - Manufacturing Test Engineering

Wayne Wiersma - Manufacturing Test Engineering

Yoshi Kawai - Manufacturing Test Engineering

Yoshi Kawai and Sherman Foy - Manufacturing Test Engineering

Sherman Foy - Manufacturing Test Engineering

Lyle Gormley - Manufacturing Test Engineering

Ray Mee - Manufacturing Test Engineering

Front row (L to R): Crisanta Nightengale, Rosa Rios, Daniel Esparza, Kerry Dancer, Sue Ann Pearson, Jerry
Middle row (L to R): Doshia Harris, Soon Hong, Lupe, Anna Oviedo, Harriet, Susie Preciado (hidden), Louis Nguyen
Back row (L to R): Can, Han, Manuel Penarubia, Kathy Noutary, Tom Sedano

Manufacturing - Bernie Hathaway, Bud Bleininger and Patty Phillips (Matranga) in the Reflex test area.

Reflex area - Dick Keating, Lloyd Robinson, Teresa Espinoza, Chuck Mullgaard, and Victor Rasco.

Pat Telfor and Dick Samstag, with a note from Paul Wiedenmann.

MDCSC Manufacturing