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This page is for photos from Novadyne Computer Systems, Inc.
Please email any photos you have to and provide a caption for photo. Thanks!

Novadyne News Clips

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Novadyne Field Service

Novadyne Communique - Founders Editions July 1990

Click here or on the picture above to open a PDF of the Communique - Novadyne Founder's Day Edition - July 1990

Novadyne magazine ad

(Back Row/Standing): Wes Bundy, Rebecca Hall, Hugh Sheean, Pat Martin, Kerry Dancer, John Seaman,
unknown, Mark Friedman, Jim Presley, Dan Dawson, Dave Solorzano, Pat Dwight
(Front/Seated): Nicki Mahnke, Donna St. Jean, unknown, Darlene Entimani, unknown

Novadyne Headquarters

Novadyne Network Support Group:
(L2R) Helen James, Steve Moore, Niki Jhaveri, Craig Steigler, Randy Jordan, Richard Yeh, Mauro Mendoza

Larry Fox and Bert Novak - in front of Redhill building

Novadyne Leaders - Bill Kersten, Bert Novak, Rich Heimann, Hans Kintsch, Larry Fox,

Novadyne Marketing: Kathy Mobilia, Pat Dwight, Pam Vadeboncoeur

Novadyne Headquarters