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This was Microdata's first OEM system sold to NASA AMES Research - 1972.

Microdata REALITY system (photo courtesy Jim Stephens)

Microdata REALITY 1600 CPU and Front Panel

Microdata Reflex I disk drive (the "blower pump")

Microdata Reflex II disk drive ("anti-gravity drive")

Microdata Reflex II disk drive ("briggs and stratton")

Microdata Series 6000 9-track tape drive

Microdata LodeStar cartridge tape drive

Microdata LodeStar cartridge tape drive

Microdata Reflex disc drive

Microdata printer

Microdata printer with keyboard

P99 "Smart" Terminal

Microdata REALITY (FCC Repackage)

Microdata Sequel system

Microdata 9000

McDonnell Douglas Series 18

Series 18 - Large Configuration

Series 18 - Small Configuration (courtesy of Jim Hardiman)


Microdata 1600 sporting Northrup Data Systems colors

and a picture of the Model/Serial Tag

Reality 6000 CPU and Larry Pope's tie...

Sub Gallery - Basic Four-Related

These photos are courtesy Steve Diorio

Basic Four cabinet with a Microdata CPU


Basic Four system Test using a Microdata CPU, Anaheim, 1976

MAI Basic Four, Halloween 1975, Anaheim California manufacturing, Systems test. In the mid 1970’s I worked in systems test. (Steve Diorio)


MAI Basic Four Ads