Photo Gallery - Quality Assurance, QCC, and Inspection...

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Quality Assurance Department: Standing: Grace Schuetze, Elaine Pickreign, Ray Crystal, My Nguyen & Sam Vernola
Seated: Bah Nguyen, Betty Boelter, Theresa Vaca

Cross departmental "QCC" Quality Team: Standing: Herb Seidenberg, Arnold Hoffman, Pat Carolan, Marsha Clark, Unknown
Seated: Scott Worthington, Charlie Hamilton, Patty Phillips, Nick Kiefer

Bob Smith, Dir. QA, and Frances Wisniewski, Inspector

Bruce Faust - Quality Circle presentation

Dave Rodriguez - Quality Circle presentation

Mike Hibbert - Quality Circle presentation

Roy Baty - Quality Circle presentation

Manufacturing Quality Circle: (L-R): Daniel Esparza, Mike Hibert, unknown, Renny Rafael, Dick Samstag, Bob Elkins

Field Service Repair Center Quality Circle (L-R): Diane McKinney, Hoa Nguyen, Houng Vu, Anna-Marie Marion,
Marsha Clark, Ly Nguyen, John Luttrell, Nick Starr, San Nguyen, Nghia Vo, Dao Nguyen

QA/Inspection group - Ray Crystal receiving an award. (L to R) :Chuck Mullgaard, Bob Smith, Ray Crystal, Gary Liebl,
and Bernie Hathaway

QC - Joe Tullai

"Little Annie" Mangesian- Systems Test Inspector

Fran Wisniewski receiving a perfect attendance award. Also pictured are Ray Crystal (standing) and Cecil Farris.

Front: Vickie Paradis, Frances Wisniewski, Sandy Waite, and Cecil Farris, supervisor. Back: Kyoko Martin, Vuong Nguyen,
Kay Moen, Bette Boelter, Elaine Pickreign, Irmagard Allen, My Nguyen, and Grace Schuetze.