Photo Gallery - Reunion Dec 4, 2003...

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Here are some great pictures from the 2003 Reunion at the Yard House in Irvine. Click on any picture to see it full size in a separate window.

The amazing collection of beers at the Yard House. Okay, this is a picture from last year, but ain't it impressive?

back: John Hartog, Marcie Hague, Jim Smith front: Grace Fang,
Lynn Barnett, Julie Feaster,
Linda West, Minhly Ngo

MIS Out in Force!
Julie Feaster, Grace Fang,
Linda West, Marcie Hague,
Mike Hague

Rich Bruns, Lynn Barnett,
Suzanne Adam-Kelly

Minhly Ngo, Julie Feaster,
Rich Bruns

Chris Norwood

Rich Bruns, Jim Smith,
Marcie Hague, Bob Bartlett

Bonnie (Frisbee) Marsh, Lynn Barnett

Steve Gill - minding the store...

Wayne Malone

Doug Tabor

Tom Sears, Ray Van Sluis,
Bill Schrader, Stoney Bourke,
Wayne Malone

Darshan Uppal

Dick Succa, Rose Clime,
Jim Smith

Chris Harding, John Hartog, Jim Smith, Marcie Hague

Sam Vernola and
Victoria (Bah) Nguyen

Robert Murray, Max Malone

Robert Murray

Dave Davidson, Max Malone

Tom Chitwood, John Denney,
Steve Gill, Dave Davidson,
John Luttrell

Arnie Silverman and Ted Ellison

Jodi Newell and Claudia Duble

Rich Heimann, Nancy Richardson and Karen Perrault

Ellen Guinan, Joe Forman, John Hartog, John Krier, Jerry Di Schino, Stoney Bourke, Tom Chitwood, Tracey Mason, Gary Liebl, Bill Schrader

Jim Smith, Julie Feaster, Linda West, Rich Bruns, Ray Van Sluis, Marcie Hague, Michael and Tim McLean, Ann Mudry, Tim Guinan, and Grace Fang

Bob Mason, Suzanne Kelly, Paul Anderson, Jim Smith and Rich Bruns

Kim and Alan Taylor

Darshan Uppal, Roger Berg & Jerry Di Schino

Chris Harding and Gary Liebl
(Ray Van Sluis in background)

John Seaman, Bob Shupe, Rich Heimann, and Dave Elm

Glenn Ducat and John Luttrell

Joan McWilliams and
Suzanne Adam-Kelly

Jerry Di Schino and Dick Speedy

Dennis Rice, John Luttrell and
Bob Shupe
Greg Mount, Chris Harding, John Watt and Jim Smith. Joe Forman and Rosie Clime Kevin Nelson, John Denney,
John Luttrell, Joan, Dick Speedy, Charles Salisovic, Glenn Ducat

Dave Smythe, Ann Mudry and
Sam Vernola
Jim Stephens showing off some "ancient artifacts" L-R: Suzanne Kelly, Rich Bruns, John Denney, Mark Friedman, George Gatus, Richard Yeh, Marcie Hague, Bob Bartlett, Jim Smith, Robert Murray, Greg Mount, unknown Here's two guys who spent
most of their Microdata careers
on the Reflex disc drives:
Mike Rorman and Rod McCarrell