Photo Gallery - Reunion Dec 2, 2004...

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Here are some great pictures from the 2004 Reunion at J T Schmid's in Anaheim. Click on any picture to see it full size in a separate window. And, more photos of this reunion are on the Facebook group page.

Nicol Brown & Rod McCarrell

Penny Chosy & Louis Timossi

Arman Aminloo, Peter Nguyen,
Hong Duong, Blaine Wiseman,
Alan Taylor, John Hartog, Frank Eperjesi

John Denney, Alan Taylor,
Louis Timossi, John Hartog,
Frank Eperjesi

Kerry Dancer, Phyllis Capestro

Keith & Mary Peterson, Kerry Dancer

Javier Latorre, Dave Smythe,
Kevin Nelson, Hong Duong

Blaine Wiseman, Robin Banks (Crump), Debbi Latorre

Debby & David Rector, Phil Mahru

C. Sean Wiley, Debbi Latorre,
Dan & Cyndy Hambly (back)

Dan & Cyndy Hambly

Patty Matranga, Suzanne Kelly,
Keith Peterson

Nicol Brown, Bill Compton, Shawn Fitzgerald, Robert Murray

Blaine Wiseman, Javier Latorre, Vicky, Dave Smythe

Frank Yeh, Shawn Fitzgerald, Jim Leonard, Robert Murray, Nicol Brown

Maryann Riley, Frank Yeh,
Shawn Fitzgerald

Nicki Mahnke, Dick Samstag

Paul Heckman, Karen Perrault,
John Luttrell

Jim Leonard, Robert Murray

Ron Jackson, Samantha Oelnik,
Bill Bertovich, Pam Donovan,
Jim Asada, Tom Chitwood

(group shot)

Bill Homans & Max Malone

Bob Novy, Kerry Dancer,
Nicki Mahnke

Willie Jones, Dave Smythe

Nicki Mahnke, Rich Heimann,
Bob Shupe, George Gatus,
Mark Friedman

(group shot)

John Hartog, Nicki Mahnke,
Rich Heimann, Sally Schultz,
John Denney

Steve Champeau, Sally Schultz,
Ray Van Sluis, John Denney, Richard Yeh, Bob Bartlett

Connie Olson, Penny Chosy,
Dan Hambly, Debbi Latorre,
Robin Banks, Cyndy Hambly

Willie Jones, Dave Smythe,
Phyllis Capestro, Paul Heckman

Nicki Mahnke, Bob Shupe

Nicol Brown, Kandi Christian,
Nigel Blackwell

Nigel Blackwell, Kandi Christian, Steve Gill

John Luttrell, Dick Samstag,
Dave Elm

Suzanne Kelly, Jack Hartl,
Carolyn Fowler

Jerry Di Schino

John Pitcher, Ted Ellison, Roger Berg

Steve Gill, Jim Leonard,
Debbi Latorre

Peter Nguyen, Alan Taylor,
John Denney

Bob "Bobo" Bartlett, John Seaman, Nicol Brown

Jim Leonard, Norm Bryga,
Kevin Nelson

John Hartog, Karen Perrault

caption coming soon

Allen Bullock, Patty Matranga

Allen Bullock, Richard Yeh

John Seaman, Bill Bertovich,
Jim Asada & Pam Donovan

Ron Jackson, Tom Chitwood

Scott Breeden

Robert Murray, Renny Rafael

Nigel Blackwell, Kandi Christian,
Jim Leonard

Dr. Rector, Frank Yeh

Kevin Nelson, Maryann Riley,
Scott Breeden

Suzanne Kelly, Leigh Hughes

Jerry DiSchino, Gary McGinnis

John Pitcher, Roger Berg

Mark Westling, Polo Aldaz

Rod McCarrell, Louis Timossi, Penny Chosy, and others

caption coming soon

Blaine Wiseman, John Luttrell,
Javier Latorre, Kerry Dancer,
Mark Fiedman, Shawn Fitzgerald, Frank Yeh

Jerry DiSchino, Joe Forman,
John Denney, Claudia Duble & others

Dick Samstag, Bill Homans

John Luttrell, Frank Yeh,
Kerry Dancer, Shawn Fitzgerald

Dave Smythe, Rod McCarrell

George Gatus, Nicki Mahnke,
Kerry Dancer, John Luttrell,
Steve Gill

John Luttrell, Steve Gill

John Denney, Nicol Brown,
Frank Yeh

John Watt, Jodi Newell,
Armand Adams, Claudia Duble, Harley Glassick

Harley Glassick, Claudia Duble,
John Watt, Jodi Newell,
Armand Adams



John Bohner, Scott Breeden