Photo Gallery - Reunion Dec 6, 2007...

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Here are some great pictures from the 2007 Reunion at Tia Juana's in Irvine. Click on any picture to see it full size in a separate window.

Dick Samstag Steve Gill, Kevin Nelson, Kevin Nelson, Jill Alvarez (Koenig), Claudia Duble
Jill Alvarez, Marv Duncan, Paul Heckman, Claudia Duble, Dick Samstag Jill Alvarez  Don Martin, Marv Duncan, Paul Heckman, Dave Davidson Steve Gill, Don Martin, Paul Heckman, Dave Davidson,
Steve Gill, Don Martin, John Luttrell, Marv Duncan, Paul Heckman, Dave Davidson, Dave Davidson, Dick Samstag, Jill Alvarez, Herb Silverman Don Martin, Paul Heckman, Dave Davidson, Herb Silverman John Luttrell, Don Martin, Paul Heckman, Herb Silverman
Don Martin, John Luttrell, Paul Heckman, Marv Duncan Dave Acosta Ted Ellison  
Flo Mattson, Paul Heckman, Karen Perrault (group shot) (group shot) Sam Vernola
Dave Acosta, Ted Ellison , Rich Heimann Jill Alvarez, Rich Hiemann, Linda Brien Suzanne Kelly (Adam), Dick Samstag, , Jim Stephens, Kevin Nelson,
Flo Mattson, Sally Montgomery Steve Gill, , Barbara Bopf, Steve Gill, , Barbara Bopf,   (group shot)
Barbara Bopf , John Bohner (group shot) Bob Shupe, Pat Dwight,
Bob Shupe, Pat Dwight   Bob Shupe, Pat Dwight Marv Duncan, Don Martin
Sally Montgomery, Flo Mattson, Karen Perrault, Jill Alvarez, Linda Brien, Rich Heimann Steve Gill, Bob Shupe, Pat Dwight    
Pat Dwight , John Bohner, Jim Stephens Bill Sturm, , John Bohner, Max Malone, , , Bill Sturm, John Bohner, , Max Malone, , ,
Rich Heimann, Vern Hart Pat Carolan, Javier Latorre, Sam Vernola Vern Hart, Rich Heimann, Pat Carolan, , Dave Acosta, , Javier Latorre, Sam Vernola, Bob Shupe Herb Silverman, Bill Sturm
Max Malone Dave Elm   Dave Davidson, Dave Acosta
Claudia Duble, Richard Fields Steve Gill, Claudia Duble, Darshan Uppal, John Estrin Claudia Duble, Darshan Uppal, John Estrin, , Dave Acosta, Bob Shupe Steve Gill, Claudia Suble, Darshan Uppal, Richard Fields, John Estrin, , Dave Acosta, Bob Shupe
Richard Fields, Darshan Uppal, John Estrin Leigh Hughes Richard Fields, Leigh Hughes Blaine Wiseman, Leigh Hughes
Linda Denny and son Chris Norwood, Dave Acosta (kid) Denny, Linda Denny Nancy Richardson, Nicki Mahnke
Steve Gill, John Denny, Nancy Richardson, Nicki Mahnke, Karen Perrault, Sally Montgomery, Javier Latorre Linda and John Denny, Nancy Richardson, Javier Latorre, Nicki Mahnke, Sally Montgomery   Mihir Munsif, , , Dave Smythe
Mihir Munsif, Dave Smythe, , Bob Shupe, Sally Montgomery George Gatus Dave Smythe , Suzanne Kelly, Bob Shupe
, Tracy Mason Bob Shupe, Sally Montgomery, Bob Shupe, John Denny, Blaine Wiseman Shekhar Patil
  (kid) Denny Maryanne Gaither (Riley), Linda Denny Suzanne, Steve Gill
Kandy Christian, Nigel Blackwell Kandy Christian, Nigel Blackwell Rich Heimann, Suzanne The floor of Tia Juana's
after a long reunion ;-)
Maryanne Gaither (Riley), Linda Denny Tracy Mason, Sally Montgomery, Nicki Mahnke, Nancy Richardson Nancy Richardson, , , Suzanne Kelly, Leigh Hughes, Nigel Blackwell, Kandy Christian
, Arthur Murphy, Pat Carolan Linda Brien, Chris Norwood Cyndy Hambly Cyndy Hambly 
Frank Yeh John Luttrell, Steve Gill Larry Wisenski, (kid) Denny, John Denny, Kevin Nelson Steve Gill, , Mike Brunk
Steve Gill, , Mike Brunk (group shot) Sally Montgomery, , Pat Dwight, Nancy Richardson Robert Murray
Kandy Christian, , Larry Wisneski, Kevin Nelson, Dick Samstag, Lynn Barnett Dick Samstag, Lynn Barnett Dick Samstag, Lynn Barnett
Kevin Nelson, Frank Yeh, , , Jodi Newell, Claudia Duble, John Estrin, Barbara Bopf Dave Smythe, Cyndy Hambly, Dan Hambly, Sam Vernola, Javier Latorre
Linda Hebers, George Gatus Linda Hebers, George Gatus , Jim Stephens , Paul Heckman, Tracy Mason, Mike Brunk
John Luttrell, Blaine Wiseman Jill Alvarex, Nigel Blackwell, Robert Murray, Kandy Christian, Maryanne Gaither, Larry Wisneski Renny Rafael, John Denny, Hubert Hughes
Kevin Nelson, Frank Yeh Sally Montgomery, Pat Dwight, Herb Silverman, John Bohner Larry Wisneski  
Cyndy Hambly, Hong Duong, Dan Hambly Cyndy Hambly, Hong Duong Barbara Bopf, , Claudia Duble
Jodi Newell Gary McKee Rosie Clime, Lynn Barnett Rosie Clime, Lynn Barnett
The Dennys (group shot)