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Here are some great pictures from the 2013 Reunion at the Citrus Cafe.

So nice to see everyone there. If you didn't attend, we hope to see you next year on the first Thursday in December. Save the date!!!

The links are various collections of photos from the reunion:

Facebook album (courtesy Suzanne Stokes)

Microdata Reunion 2013

2013 Sponsors:

We would like to thank the following individuals for their support in offsetting our printing, mailing and technology expenses. If you are interested in helping, please send cash, checks, negotiable securities, unused postage, etc. to: Stephen Gill, PO Box 50395, Irvine, CA 92619. Click here for previous sponsors.

Double Diamond

Steve Gill
John Luttrell








Rod McCarrell
Darlene Martinez Phillips





Fred Thomas



Claudia Duble
Richard Fields
Paul Heckman
Mick McGuire
Nancy Richardson
Frank Yeh




Polo Aldaz
Jill Alvarez
Bill Bertovich
Steve Champeau
Carl Chapman
Dave Chin
Rose Clime
Nona Constantine
Kathy Corrnett
Peter Dahlman
Dave Davidson
John Denney
Hong Duong
Marv Duncan
Ted Ellison
John Estrin
Sherman Foy
Mark Friedman

Maryann Gaither
George Gatus
Harley Glassick
Bill Helpard
Suzanne Kelly
Miguel Kennedy
John Krier
Max Malone
Roger McLain
Ron McNichol
Angel Melendrez
Deirdre Murray
Robert Murray
Jodi Newell
Bert Novak
Shekhar Patil
Andre Perrault
Karen Perrault

David Raber
Debby Rector
Art Shahan
Bob Shupe
Jim Stephens
Tim Sullivan
Alan Taylor
Louis Timossi
Fred Thomas
Emy Tischer
Sam Vernola
Christopher Wiley
Kelley Wiley
John Watt
Dave Zechiel
Ross Zowehof

* not in attendance