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Sales Administration: Left side, f-b: June Eckart, Carol, unknown, Lynn Altpeter, Cressy Mattocks, Sandy Randall
Right side, f-b: Greta Taylor, Gail Robinson, Carla Faber McCracken, Tim Funk, Barbara Raines, Dave Hernandez

Sales Administration: Back row: Dave Hernandez, Carla Faber McCracken, Bruce Faust, Mike Bingman, Deanna Richards
Front row: Greta Taylor, Cressy Johnson Mattocks, Gail Robinson

Sales Administration

Atlanta Sales Team

Dallas Sales Team

Lionel Grove - Sales

Sales Kickoff 1985

Bob Purdy and Jack Bonne

Orange County sales branch which was just down stairs from the Towers...

June 1982 - SBS Sales Class

June 1982 - DDP Sales Class

Random Chinese man in small city, mainland China - circa 1983 (Jim Cook)