Remembering Bill Graney...


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Over his lifetime my amazing husband and best friend collected and cherished relationships with so many around the world. These past few years the love and support all of you have shown him during his cancer shit show kept him going far longer than anyone expected. For that I will be forever grateful. Bill, Liam, Bro, Uncle, Grr, Grampta, Daddy and a few other names I know you call him behind his back took his last breath at home in bed on September 6th. He was tired and just wanted to go to the beach.

Many of you have asked about plans for a service or celebration of life. During Bill’s illness we discussed his wishes many times. He didn’t want any celebrations. Instead he asked that I pass on this note to you:

"Ilene and I have been involved with Impact Las Vegas, a collective giving group, since moving to Nevada. For the past ten years, 100% of donations to Impact are returned to the community in the form of grants that support Southern Nevada non profits. Our family asks, that if you are so moved, you make a donation to Impact Las Vegas." Love, Bill (Liam) Thank you all, Ilene, Dan, Michele and family"

Connie, Jim, Susan and Nancy