Remembering Cliff Myers...

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This page is dedicated to the memory of our friend and colleague Cliff Myers who passed away November 13, 2001.

From Cliff Olsen in Pennsylvania:

December 21, 2015

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Subject: dead Microdata Alumni

if this email address works,

14 years after Cliff Myers, a former Microdata employee, died, I
happened across the notice and photos and was sad he made the list of
dead persons..

In the early years (1974-77), both he and Dick Pick visited the
Microdata VAR in New York City, PPI Programs, at least once. Or so I
I am certain he and I interacted when I was employed at Pick and
Associates circa 1979 in Irvine.

The smile in all the photographs was very much his character.

I'm thankful for Zumasys and their PickWiki site, and for causing good memories to surface.

Sadly, I also knew personally other names on the list of deceased:

Dick Pick and his wife Junell, Don Nelson, Ken Simms, and even Bill Thurman.

Bill Thurman, when I worked at P&A was a salesman of sorts, but after
40 years, I slightly recall someone saying then that he favored liquid

cliff olsen

November 12, 2001


I'm sad to be the bearer of unhappy tidings. Maryann Riley has asked me to let the friends and associates of Cliff Myers know that he is in ICU at Hoag hospital (room 1). Cliff has been battling lung cancer since last December, and he has all but lost the battle. Maryann indicates he is in good spirits, and "If anyone comes to visit, they will see a great big smile under his oxygen mask." Last September, as those of you subscribed to Cyberfolks will recall, there was a discussion of how to crash REALITY in 5 keystrokes. Maryann told Cliff of that thread, and wrote me the following...

Cliff did get a big smile on his face when I asked him if he remembered how to crash REALITY in 5 keystrokes.

This was his response:


I had the privilege of working for Cliff at Ultimate, and am greatly in his debt for the opportunities I found there. The PICK world will be losing a valued and seasoned veteran. And Maryann, to whom my heart goes out, will be losing much, much more. For those so inclined, now is the time to bid him farewell. If you know of anyone who should have been included on this distribution and was not, please forward this on.

best regards,
Sandy Herring

Here are some pictures taken at the CBMBA Throwback Night at the Tale Of The Whale on Balboa Peninsula on Wednesday 21st July 1999. Photos courtesy Nigel Blackwell.

Cliff Myers and MaryAnn Riley on the dance floor, rocking to the band! This was a good night and pretty well
attended, and many people including Cliff (and Tim Holland) did some wild dancing.

Cliff had a great time that evening (even when being lectured to about European History by Henry Eggers!).

Cliff Myers and MaryAnn Riley.

A picture of Cliff on a ski trip which was his very favorite activity.

If you would like to share your memories of Cliff Myers with the community by posting them on this page, please send your message to:

Remembering Cliff

The following pictures were taken at the wake for Cliff Myers:

Shirley Stephens at Cliff's house

Rod Quigley, Art Shahan

Dolores Gitlin at door, greeted by Mary Ann as people came in, the left a sentiment for Mary Ann and for Cliff's family.
Scott Breeden to right in picture.

George Olenik

Ted Ellison, George Olenik

Dave Raber, Shirley Stephens

Hugh Stephenson

Art Shahan, Tim Holland, Dolores, Tony Ramirez. Mary Ann

Shirley Stephens, Agnes DeDoneker

Daniel R

Roger Berg, Hugh Stephenson, Henry Eggers and food

Mrs. Tom Ells, Tom Ells, Roger Berg, Scott Breeden

Henry Eggers, Tom Ells (and Cliff)

Henry E, and Scott Breeden

Dennis Shimono, Roger Berg, Dennis' Wife

Agnes, Toni, Mary Ann, and Dale Tyler

Rick Davies, Mark Pick, Dale Tyler

John Bohner, Dale Tyler, in Cliff's wine cellar (room)

Sunset as we were finishing

Another sunset photo, new moon and plane landing at john wayne airport

Steve Gill's 40th Birthday Party. (L to R) Ralph Montalvo, Jeanna Anderson (?), cook (?), Maryann Riley and Cliff Myers