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Jun 04, 2003


Hi all you Guys & Gals:

Well, it's been over 6 months since my 6th (and last) chemo treatment for stage 4 lymphoma and I thought it was about time for an update to all my supporters who sailed with me through those grueling treatments. Again I want to thank each and every one of you for helping me get through that awful period.

I'm doing quite well. I have no signs or symptoms of lymphoma grow-back. The chemo knocks the lymphoma down a little at a time with each chemo treatment. Around treatment 4 or 5, it knocks it down well below the threshold level of concern. Then they give you one more treatment that should keep it down for quite some time. I have what is called "Slow Growing" non-hodskins lymphoma, so maybe it'll take years to "grow" back to the "level of concern." (I'm hoping) There is no cure for lymphoma, yet. Treatments can only control the disease. My 6 month checkup is coming up the end of June, so we'll wait for the professional evaluation to determine how my body is really holding up.

In the mean time, (since all you guys and gals sailed with me on my journey) I'm continuing my biweekly sailing either out of Long Beach or Oxnard. If I'm not "out there" somewhere, I'm on the tennis courts, or enjoying life with my x-care-taker Jennie, or flying my RC gliders, or working remodeling some part of our home. Jennie has projects planned for me out through the end of '04. She doesn't realize that I'm retired.........She keeps me busy, but I'm absolutely ecstatic that I have the energy to continue to enjoy life. Life has taken on a new meanings for me since my chemo treatments. I may get tired a little during the day, but I thank God that I have the strength to do the things I do. My hair has returned with a vengeance. But, ......its all curly. I haven't had curly hair since I was a baby. I was hoping for "brown" this time around, but it's still the same OLE salt-and-pepper color. I'm just thankful that it came back at all...............

We'll keep you guys and gals posted periodically on my condition. If I can be of any help for any of you that may be experiencing anything similar to what I went through, please don't hesitate to call or e-mail me.

Love to all*


* Including, but not limited to...Sail Jennie, Tug Boat Ron, Compass Norm, Anchor Francie, and Barnacle Jim.

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