Reunion 2007 - New Location

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Reunion 2007 - New Location

Oct 18, 2007


I think I say this every year, but it is hard to believe that another year has whizzed right by. It's just a little over a month until our annual gathering. We kind of got burned last year with a surprise event at the Pond which impacted traffic and parking at J.T. Schmidt's, so this year we're retreating back to Irvine. So mark your calendars, PDAs, Outlook, etc. as follows:

Thursday, December 6, 2007 Starting @ 4:30 PM

Tia Juana's Long Bar & Grill on Sand Canyon at the 5 freeway in Irvine.

Here are directions: click here


There is also a La Quinta Inn on the same property as Tia Juana's if you'd like to make a night of it.

If you won't be able to make it and still want to say "Hi", please use the Guest Book.

I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who sent in photos this past year and a really big thank you to John Luttrell, our trusty web master, who gets them posted ASAP.

Best regards,


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