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Microdata REALITY™ brochure

Microdata 1600/60

Microdata REALITY™ Simple Powerful brochure

Microdata REALITY 4700 brochure

Microdata REALITY™ flyer

Microdata Series 7000 brochure

Microdata REALITY™ RDBMS brochure

Microdata Series 9000 brochure

Microdata ALL™ brochure

CMC REALITY™ brochure

Microdata ENGLISH™ brochure

Microdata OEM Peripherals

Microdata REALCALC™ brochure

Microdata Network Processing Systems brochure

Microdata ADMAX™ brochure

Microdata Statistical Multiplexors brochure

Microdata WORDMATE™ brochure

Microdata WORDMATE™ flyer

Microdata The Relational Office brochure

Northgate Reality V12.0 brochure

Microdata Matrix Line Printer brochure

Northgate Reality V11.0 brochure

Microdata KSR Matrix Printer brochure

Microdata Power Conditioners brochure

Microdata High Performance Matrix Printers

Microdata Prism 4 Terminal brochure

Microdata High Speed Line Printer

Microdata Letter Quality Printer brochure

MDFSC Introduction to Reality Assembly Language Programming


The following brochures are distribution material from a Microdata Peripherals Distributor, not directly from Microdata, and has his stamp and imprint over Microdata's covers. (scans courtesy Jim Stephens)

Microdata OEM Peripherals Group

Microdata Series 9000 Cartridge Disc Drives

Microdata Series 6000 NRZI Mag Tape Transport

Microdata Series 7000 PE Mag Tape Transport

Microdata Mag Tape Formatter

The following link is to a site called "Bit Savers" which is a repository of archive technical documentation for vintage computer hardware and software, including Microdata, Printronix, etc.:

Documents on Bit Savers are in PDF format. Thanks to Robert Murray for finding this site!

Pegasus by Barbara Jo McLaughlin in fiberglass, copper, rebar, bondo sign enamel in Tucson

Pegasus by Barbara Jo McLaughlin in fiberglass, copper, rebar, bondo sign enamel in Tucson

(scan courtesy Jim Stephens)

Redhill Building

This is the lobby at the south end of the Red Hill Building. Pictured are: Robert Stack, Margo Chase & Debbie Harris

The following pictures are from the MicroScope newsletter, dated December 1976, and were taken in 1974 at
Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park, CA. The original captions are included with each photo. Scans courtesy
Jim Stephens, Gary Getchen, and Phil Mahru.

Laurel and Hardy and Max Malone

George Olenick would be a natural in a western. He looks right at home on the Bonanza set with Ben, Hoss, and Little Joe.

Don Savitt and Jean Harlow. If you don't know who's who, we don't recommend visiting Movieland.

Kate, Bogie, and Don Pagan.

The handsome leading man is Don Fuller, of course. Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) is the one with the mustache.

Dick Vahlstrom seems glad he wasn't a gladiator like Kirk Douglas and Woody Strode.

Microdata's Chuck Dineen with humorist Will Rodgers.

The untouchable Bob Stack. Elliott Ness had the gun.

Art Bradford with Hedy Lamarr. How did Robert Taylor sneak in the picture?

Lou Peterson who was one of the security guards at Red Hill. One of his hobbies was making caricatures of the
people in the building, some of which you can see posted on the wall behind him.

What can I say. The only thing that is notable in the history of this photo / ad is that a fairly famous Microcomputer
magazine of some repute ripped off the photo from a copy of datamation (not original photos, as I have those from
discards from marketing people). They were busted and embarrassed, but nothing other than the infamy of the
incident ever came of it. ("Micro-Babe" scan courtesy Jim Stephens). Click here a PDF of variations of the ad

Click here to view a copy of the technical brochure for the 1600-60 that relates to the "Micro-Babe" ad.
(This is a large PDF download - please be patient). (Click here to download Acrobat Reader)

The next in the series of ads. This one is know as the "Real" babe. Courtesy Jon Sisk.

Another sexy REALITY ad, courtesy Jon Sisk.

Another sexy REALITY ad, courtesy Dick Samstag.

Microdata - The Communications Handbook, courtesy Jon Sisk - "they wrote the book..."

This is the system system logo for an express-x front panel. Before express's could be shipped, there was a need to
get hardware into the hands of developers, and these systems were basically modified and E/O'ed up systems from
Pilot production, with the Express-X badge. The later systems packaged in the low cabinets were express-3's.
(scan courtesy Jim Stephens)

This badge was passed around at a spectrum show to great delight, as Henry E's legend grew to mythical proportions.
(courtesy Jim Stephens)

500th System pin. This was the first "collectable" from the company that I ever got. Also, Fuller and the upper management served the company lunch, as I recall (I try not to forget a free lunch). (courtesy Jim Stephens)

No I didn't mug anyone for this.
(courtesy Jim Stephens)

According to Mark Friedman, this button was a "motivational" message for the Novadyne sales team. Bob Garbutt told the sales team that if they made their numbers the annual sales conference would be in Palm Springs, if not it would be in Newark. "No Newark!"

Redhill building after the name change to McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems Company.

A spoof on the REALITY operating system banner - author: Marv Duncan - Field Service Tech Pubs (unverified)

McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems Company - St. Andrew Place

Series 18 - Large Configuration

Tymnet Network Control