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2019 Reunion - Sun, Dec 1!

After consulting with a few of our alumni, we’ve decided to depart from tradition and move the annual gathering from the first Thursday in December to the first Sunday. I believe the reason for the first Thursday was simply because it happened to be the first time we all got together. I’ve heard from many people that they are no longer able to drive at night and that some are still working, so in the interest of safety and improving turnout, this year’s event will be Sunday afternoon, Dec. 1 at the Citrus Café. We will have a dedicated room beginning at 1 PM. Feel free to come early and have lunch. The kitchen will close at 3 PM, but the bar will remain open until 4PM or so.

The Citrus Cafe is directly across Red Hill from where the Barn used to be at 1481 Edinger Ave. Tustin. There's plenty of free parking and they have good food and now have a full bar. If you haven't been to the Alumni web site in a while, please check it out:

We're creeping up on 28,000 visits since going live! There has also been some new content posted over the past year.

Thanks as always to John Luttrell and BasisMedia for hosting our site as well as maintaining it--it really wouldn't be what it is without John's tireless efforts. All funds collected at the door go directly to the maintenance and upkeep of the web site and domain. If you'd like to contribute to that cause and won't be able to attend, you can do so via PayPal using the email address above (

Feel free to leave a note in the Guest Book, especially if you won't be able to make it to this year's event. As is the case every year, we lost a few more souls from our ranks. Please check the In Memory page for names and, in some cases, photos and obits.

For those of you whom I only have a work email, please send me a personal address so I don't lose track of you when you retire, change jobs, etc. The list of names on the Lost and Found page is growing, so please have a look there as well and see if you see anyone with whom you are in contact or know their whereabouts.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope to see you on Dec. 1st.

Best regards, Steve

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